A good day
in the forest

An FTG Mowi forest trailer is highly manoeuvrable and robustly built to withstand the rigours of the forest. Mowi parallel-guided forest cranes are strong, fast and easy to drive cranes that require low oil flow. This results in lower fuel consumption and a better operator environment. Mowi forest trailers and forest cranes are built in Bäckefors by forest people – for forest people! This, together with good overall economy with low operating and maintenance costs and a high resale value, certainly contributes to the expression among many Mowi owners; “Once Mowi – always Mowi”.

More about us

Welcome to the new FTG Mowi website. Much is the same but some things have changed, for the better we think. The Mowi logo (the name) has been given a new colour to match the colour of the trailers and a slightly slimmer font for text. We hope you’ll like the new site and find what you’re looking for.

We are curious to hear what you think. If there is something you miss or that doesn’t work as expected, or if you like it and are happy with what you see, get in touch with us and tell us.

Insights and Updates

FTG Mowi Product Portfolio

Discover FTG Mowi’s wide product range of forest trailers, forest cranes, road graders, scarifiers and accessories, designed to meet the needs of both self-employed forest owners and professional contractors.

Forest Trailers

There is a genuine forestry expertise within the company that is reflected in our products. We don’t just know how to make a forest trailer – we also know how to use it. This provides a unique knowledge that benefits our customers. Mowi products have become very well known and loved over the years. ‘Once a Mowi – always a Mowi’ is a well-known expression among users.

Forest Cranes

The design of the Mowi crane is unique. It has characteristics that no other forest crane has. The parallel crane arm invented by Mowi’s founder Wiking Gunnarsson has been further developed over the years into the highly regarded cranes manufactured in Bäckefors today. Crane manufacturers all over the world have tried to copy this idea, but the original is labelled Mowi. Together with Mowi’s well-built forestry trailer, you get a smooth-running and agile forestry vehicle that makes your work in the forest fast, efficient and fun – for many years to come. So what are the features that make Mowi your best friend in the forest?


FTG Mowi offers a wide range of accessories for both trailers and cranes, such as grapples, rotators, valve packages, winches, lighting and much more

Road graders

FTG has both 2-blade carried road graders for the slightly smaller tractors and 3-blade towed road graders with hydraulic frame steering and adjustable tilt/tilt for those who may be running slightly larger jobs and have a slightly more powerful tractor.


The FTG scarifier is an economical and environmentally friendly tool. The scarifier is available in two versions, manual or automatic.

Harvester heads

FTG sells harvester heads and energy wood heads from the recognised manufacturers Nisula and Naarva in several different sizes, so that you can find a model for your specific needs.