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FTG Mowi offers a wide range of accessories for both trailers and cranes, such as grapples, rotators, valve packages, winches, lighting and much more

Grapple FB160

SKU KA1653

Grapple FB190

SKU KA1692

Grapple G210S

Grapple G210SR

Grapple FB260

SKU KA1862

Grapple G260L

Bucket Kit

Grapple HSP 015

SKU KA2212

Grapple HSP 017

Grapple HSP 020

SKU KA1817

Grapple HSP 015 BIO

SKU KA2215

Grapple HSP 020 BIO

SKU KA2001

Grapple TG 16 SR4

SKU M22190

Grapple TG22 PRO SR4

SKU M22191

Grapple FB120V

SKU KA2029

Grapple G180GS/400

SKU KA1882

Grapple G180GS/625

SKU M22450

Adapter plate 49 mm

SKU KA1863

Adapter plate 59 mm

SKU KA2039

Adapter 59 mm to 49 mm axle

SKU FA0789

Adapter 49 mm to 59 mm axle

SKU KA1759

Rotator CR 300

SKU KA2690

Rotator CR 400

SKU KA2692

Rotator CR 400 F

SKU KA2693

Rotator CR 600 F

SKU KA2694

Rotator GV6

SKU KA1987

Link, unbraked (CR300, CR400)

Link, single braked (CR300/CR400)

SKU KA2691

Link, single braked (GV6)

SKU KA2012

Link, double braked (GV6)

SKU KA1985

Multi lever valve HCD3M

Mechanical two-lever HCD3M with linear levers

Lightweight valve with mechanical two-lever with electrical on/off.

PCL control for crane valve

PCL-valve PROPortional Grapple/extension

EHC mini levers for crane valve

Radio control - Scanreco for crane valve

Valve lifter - the wolf

SKU KA1014

Valve bracket (arm)

SKU N8002200-P

Joystick attachment (pair)

SKU NB8002300

Console for joystick attachment

SKU NB8002302

Console for joystick attachment

SKU NB37486-0

Gear pump and tank

Piston pump and tank

LS Pump and tank

SKU FA0421

Single slewing house

SKU AA2320-2

Double slewing house

SKU AA2320-1

Double slewing house larger model

SKU AA2340-1

Winch kit 1410 and 1810

Pulley, vertical

SKU MB31360-4

Pulley, hanging

SKU MB31360-3

Open pulley

SKU AA2968

Radio-controlled winch valve

Flash lights rear (2 pcs)

SKU KA2427

Working lights LED

Rear view camera

SKU KA1490

Oil cooler with hose

Forwarder bunks

SKU FA0811

Support legs, hydraulic Mowi 850

SKU M23135

Support legs, hydraulic Mowi 1050/1250

SKU AA3505

Extension stakes (1 pair)

SKU M44220

Dividing poles (1 pair)

SKU M44210

Extra rear bunk with stakes (850)

SKU M44115

Extra front bunk with stakes (Mowi 1050 and 1250)

SKU M44115-1

Extra bunk with stakes and rear light (850)

SKU AA3961

Rotation stop (1 pair)

SKU AA8940

Sorting kit

SKU FA0777


Hydraulic stakes

SKU AA3117

Insert plates

Chainsaw holder

3-point hitch cat I

SKU KA2775

3-point hitch cat II

SKU KFB200090

3-point hitch cat III

SKU KA2776
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