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There is a genuine forestry expertise within the company that is reflected in our products. We don't just know how to make a forest trailer - we also know how to use it. This provides a unique knowledge that benefits our customers. Mowi products have become very well known and loved over the years. ‘Once a Mowi - always a Mowi’ is a well-known expression among users.

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Explore a diverse range of forest equipment, from forest trailers and forest cranes to accessories, all in one place. We offer an extensive product variety to meet your specific needs.

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We try to give you as much information as possible for each product, but best way to fully understand the products is to visit your local dealer and talk to them about your specific needs.

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If you are a dealer or a registered customer to FTG Mowi, please contact us via mail and we will help you get an account and log-in details to the webshop.